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Great service at a reasonable price

Being an Authorised Celebrant is my full time occupation.

The following information relates to service fees set for wedding ceremonies only, and should serve as an explanation as to how my service fees are structured and why.

Package 1

Legal Ceremony

4 - 10 people in attendance

From $500

plus GST

Package 2

Intimate Ceremony

11 - 40 people in attendance

From $575

plus GST

Package 3

Small Ceremony

41 - 80 people in attendance

From $650

plus GST

Package 4

Medium Ceremony

80 - 120 people in attendance

From $700

plus GST

Package 5

Large Ceremony

120+ people in attendance

From $750

plus GST


All fees are negotiable - consideration is given to the following factors before providing you with a fixed quotation:

  • your circumstances 

  • the location of your ceremony 

  • whether any travel fees are applicable  (e.g. mileage and costs associated with overnight accommodation)


Pre-wedding preparations include (but are not limited) to the following:


  • any meetings and contacts we may have (e.g. face to face meetings, electronic messaging and voice communication)

  • compilation of legal documentation and lodgement with the relevant government authority

  • ceremony script drafting and production of a ceremony keepsake booklet

  • rehearsal meeting a week before the ceremony on location (if required)


Irrespective of what content you decide to include during your ceremony – there will be no additional charges. 

I provide you with a written Service Provision Agreement, which outlines the services I agree to provide and the breakdown of service fees associated with each of  the service components.


If you engage me as your Celebrant, I am responsible for not only your ceremony, but what happens immediately before and after the ceremony.


Therefore, the only variation to the service fee relates to how many people will be in attendance at your ceremony.


The larger the bridal party and number of invited guests – the higher the ceremony component of my service fee will be.


This fee structure is based on risk management principles – the more people onsite equates to an increase in management risk.


You are paying for my expertise and experience in managing potential risks immediately before, during and immediately after your ceremony.

Please feel free to contact me to discuss your requirements, associated service fees and to be provided with a quotation.

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