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Memories that last a lifetime​

I strive to provide the very best service I can - each and every time.

With many of life's celebrations there are rarely opportunities to try again.

You need to be confident and comfortable in your selection of a celebrant for your special day.

Continuous improvement is important, so feedback is valuable.

But don't take my word for is just some of the feedback received from couples and families.


“The service you provided was beautiful in every way. I couldn't have asked for more.” 

—  William

Special words from the heart

You are a very caring person who goes the extra mile to ensure that you have informed the loved ones of all that can be done at the funeral.

That we were able to see Dad, place items with him that were important to us and close his coffin - I just cannot express how much that meant to us.

We then got to walk Dad to the hearse - what a memory.


You never at any stage said, "No, that can’t be done". 

You made Dad's funeral a very personal experience, without your presence being  overpowering.

You encouraged us to do the best we could with speeches but if it got too much it was okay to hand it back to you.


I will be forever thankful.


Unfortunately it was not long after Dad passing that our son also passed suddenly.

I knew exactly what I wanted for his cremation after  listening to you.


After many phone calls and being told, "No, that is not possible", who did I call - Joanne.

You explained the terminology that I should use to witness our son being placed into the cremation chamber - again words will never be enough to thank you.


This is what I needed for my closure; you said in the case of children dying some parents feel the need to follow the process to the end - how right you were.

Some may ask why I did not have you officiate the funeral – answer is simply it was extremely private and we did our best to adhere to what our son would have wanted and what we had to do to say goodbye.

So in ending I would not hesitate to recommend your services highly. You are a very special person

How can we put into words how perfect you are?


Everything you did for us to celebrate our mother’s life

was nothing short of amazing.


We could not fault you in any way. Your expertise and personal touch gave us a beautiful tribute and a special way to celebrate our mother’s life.


We cannot thank you enough for the closure and warmth we felt during the funeral, because of your personal touch and ability to create words that reflected our love for our mother. You were a perfect fit for our family, and our mother would have loved your sense of humour and the way you ensured her children were prepared for the worst days of their lives.

Your continuous contact and availability meant that you were there for us at all times. Your obvious experience and the way in which you explained the final viewing, funeral and cremation process in words we could understand gave us the ability to prepare our emotions and allowed us to have the strength and courage to face these life changing events.


We could not have done that without your genuine nature and incredible dedication and passion for your line of work.

We are forever grateful to you, Joanne, and your fantastic work in guiding people through extremely difficult times, making them strong, when all they want to do is fall apart. With all of this said, it should be no surprise that we have and will continue to recommend you to others, not just for funerals, but for weddings too!

Thank you again for the laughs, helping us through the tears and giving our mother the most beautiful celebration that she deserved.

 "It has been just over 2 months now since Mum has passed and we are all gradually accepting the change in our lives.

I would love to give you a glowing report. If there was a score card you would get 10/10.


I have taken many things away from mum's funeral and the lead up to it. 

Knowing you from XXX's funeral, I was completely at peace knowing you will respectfully and kindly do a fitting service for our Mum.

When you came over to meet my sister and I at my house it was very cathartic.


I don't think you realised but my sister went and saw Mum in the casket. You had informed my sister here, how Mum would feel, the texture and the temperature of her skin. How she would look and not to be afraid.


Well on the day, I did pull my sister's hand to come and view Mum, but she did tell me that she knew what it was going to be like because you prepared her.


She is eternally grateful as it was the first person she had ever seen who had passed away. So thank you for that. She got to say her goodbyes.


You have a kind voice, Joanne. The timing of your words and your sentences in the service were perfect. Not quick, not slow, just gently flowed and allowed everyone of all ages to respectfully understand the service.

I knew you had read all the speeches. So when the family were doing their speeches, I would often looked your way. You was either quite saddened , or happily smiling of what was to be read ahead. (I could see your brain thinking ahead like mine).


You and I were the only ones to have this insight.  So was a private moment for me, sharing with you across the way. 

My closest friends and family were all in "awe" of you and your professionalism, kindness, and loving manner that you conducted yourself at Mum's service. They all commented that they would use or recommend you for any sad or happy occasion.


I found so much comfort knowing that the person I chose to conduct the service was so highly admired by so many. So I think I did a good job choosing you. So 10 points to me!


I honestly cannot think of anything I would say to improve your service. 


Thank you once again Joanne. you never know where we might meet again."

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